Isolating individual letterforms it is interesting that for upper- and lowercase letterforms the “right half of the form provides greater cues for recognition than the left half. The upper halves of lowercase letterforms are more readable than the lowercase halfs.” And ”with capital letterforms, the lower half of the form provides more cues for cognition than the upper half of the from.”  [1.]

Typographic Anatomy

Futher the ‘Council of British Opthalmologists’ categorised numbers and uppercase letterforms into four categories based on their level of recognition:

  • Easily recognised: A C J L D V O U 7 1 4
  • Intermediate: T P Z I G E F K N W R 6 2 3
  • Difficult: H M Y X S Q B 5 8 9
  • Can be confused with one another: C D G O Q H K M N W

Drew, J. T. and Meyer, S. A., 2008. Color Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers. Mies: RotoVision SA; p.116 [1.]