I have been running into quite a bit of criticism for posting photos of my dinners on twitter or mainly facebook for a while now. #nomnom causes outbreaks of hatred and annoyance amongst virtual followers and friends it seems. Therefore I have decided not to risk being shouted at on a regular basis anymore and am going to fight the urge of casual food sharing. Instead I am going to collect ideas and resources about the whole thing and publish them in a little post on here every now and then.

Please don’t get me wrong – I am under no illusions of being a great cook – and have almost poisoned myself once or twice. For me cooking is about having fun and experimenting, even if you don’t know what exactly is going on half the time!

For a while I found Foodspotting[1.] and some other apps and networks quite interesting – but then I wouldn’t dream of getting my phone or camera out when going to a restaurant – for me it’s really just a little memory of small culinary achievements. And again, saying achievements I am talking about my standards here so don’t be surprised if I am a little proud of something you might find ridiculously trivial or easy… Instead feel free to drop me a line and give me some encouraging pointers on how to improve.

Foodspotting is an app/network to “find and recommend dishes, not just restaurants” [1.]