Whilst visiting Germany a couple of weeks ago I went to spend an afternoon in Bochum. There I came across the Exzenterhaus. [1.]

The Exzenterhaus is build on top of an old bunker that had always been a bit of a sore point for Bochum’s city planning. I was amazed by what they had done with it and how interesting the building looked from many different perspectives.

It is also now a great way to navigate your way around the city as you can usually spot it between the houses and use it to find your bearings. I will definitely want to come back here to take some pictures in better weather.

I will also need to take some time to go back through some previous pictures I have taken in the Ruhrgebiet of other interesting sites and architecture. One I wrote about a while ago for example was the Zeche Zollverein you can check out here.

More information on the Exzenterhaus Website (German only) {http://www.exzenterhaus.com/} [1.]