Antwortzeit Kommunikationsagentur UG

In 2013 I started working for the Antwortzeit Communications Agency filling a full-time role as a designer and developer on mainly WordPress based projects. Working remotely from my home office just outside of London presented new and unique challenges, but taught me skills in taking control of projects and managing communication and time across a geographical distance. Being a small […]

Hoffi Ltd.

At Hoffi I worked on very exciting multi-disciplinary projects! That means literally every and anything in or between web, brand and packaging. The mixture and variety in the nature of the projects allowed me to gain new experiences and skills whilst strengthening existing ones. Working on brand strategy and creation as well as starting to develop […]

Cardiff School of Art & Design

The BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course I attended gave me a very sound foundation to my design knowledge and practice. I learnt a range of techniques and theories from the creative sector and had support from influential staff members whom I truly felt I could look up to, namely Olwen Moseley, Ian Weir and Ray Nicklin. […]

Best of Welsh Design Awards

I  feel very happy and honoured to be chosen as one of the 2012 Graduate Winners. My university project 360″ was awarded the title. The event itself also presented a great opportunity to meet very influential people from the creative industry such as Tom Roope.


Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the printing company Lecturis specialises in high quality, small volume prints. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into every single production – but especially some particular limited edition projects – was admirable and fascinating. This brief day of work experience here was privately organised and I approached Lecturis with […]

Kay Druck

Eager to learn new things and understand how things really work I wanted to see how printed materials are made. Whilst studying at college and trying to best prepare myself for my future career I decided to organise myself some work experience in a printing company. I worked in the printing and finishing department at Kay […]

Web Arts

Before starting college I organised some work experience in a web agency. Web Arts – still in it’s earlier stages back then – already grew to an impressive medium sized employer looking after web sites and intra net structures as well as e-commerce and conversion solutions for Germany’s biggest companies and institutions. I gained great insights spending time with […]


Coxorange is a small design studio in the heart of Berlin. Spending three weeks as an intern with the design team offered me a very early glimpse into the everyday life and challenges a designer faces. I got to work on some branding concepts for a pitch the studio was taking part in and took […]

Gower College

Studying a vocational course allowed me to gain important practical skills and knowledge I get to apply to this very day in my everyday life. On top of that I also challenged myself to attend a more academic course and completed a AS Level in Pure Mathematics and Statistics with an A Grade.


Being curious about 3D in the digital and creative industries I decided to gain some more insights about what it is like to work in that particular industry. iCreate 3D in Swansea is a visualisation company that specialises in making architectural models from CAD plans. Seeing the basic usage of 3D visualisation software such as […]