Exzenterhaus Bochum

Whilst visiting Germany a couple of weeks ago I went to spend an afternoon in Bochum. There I came across the Exzenterhaus. The Exzenterhaus is build on top of an old bunker that had always been a bit of a sore point for Bochum’s city planning. I was amazed by what they had done with it and […]

Run the night away

Last weekend was host to the 2015 New Forest Running Festival. Starting at a base in Linwood they setup a range of runs for most abilities and ambitions. I hadn’t heard or taken part in any of the races before and was intrigued when a friends that live locally told us about the event. Together we decided to […]

Tax Years custom WordPress Query

At work we’ve been using a custom accounting system based on WordPress for quite a while now. And since I liked the idea of having a go at it myself I decided to do so. The result is a nifty little setup I now use to write invoices, project proposals and log expenses. This way […]

Surrey Half

This year is a first in many sport related achievements for us. The latest one being the Surrey Half. Starting literally on our door step we couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend our first half marathon distance run. After we had already challenged ourselves to a few personal milestones over the past year, we again […]

Nurofen Hoax

I am not really one to take medicine without good reason, but struggling with occasional migraines and a lot of other headaches – especially in my youth – I did use to take ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol or the likes sometimes. And I also did buy the Nurofen brand and their different pain specific varieties from […]

Since graduating from University a lot has happened in my life. Between working, moving up to the big city and generally keeping myself busy with whatever I can find, it seems I have neglected this section here a little.

But with a new year comes a new beginning. And so a little while into 2015 and with my revamped website I also want to start writing here more again. If anyone reads it? I don’t know. But it will be a good exercise to collect memories of the things I like and love doing.

300 million miles away from home

The boulder-strewn field of red rocks reaches to the horizon nearly two miles from Viking 2 on Mars’ Utopian Plain. Scientists believe the colors of the Martian surface and sky in this photo represent their true colors. Fine particles of red dust have settled on spacecraft surfaces. The salmon color of the sky is caused […]

Industrial Culture Ruhrgebiet – Zeche Zollverein

Heavy industry means heavy labour. Nowhere in Europe is this so clear as in the Ruhrgebiet. It was in the years following the early 1970s that the heavy industry in the German ‘Ruhrgebiet’ collapsed due to global economic crisis – however it is a heritage and way of life that is still proudly preserved today. In […]

Does taking pictures of my food make me sad?

I have been running into quite a bit of criticism for posting photos of my dinners on twitter or mainly facebook for a while now. #nomnom causes outbreaks of hatred and annoyance amongst virtual followers and friends it seems. Therefore I have decided not to risk being shouted at on a regular basis anymore and am […]

Inclusive Airport Navigation – Introduction

Graphic navigation systems in airports with a focus on their special importance for the elderly and visually impaired. – An exploration of the current standards in inclusive design and their implementation in airport way-finding. This was the full title and question I set out to research when starting to write the bachelor dissertation for my degree course […]